We’re a studio building strategy games with emergent gameplay mechanics.

We're experimenting with large language models and other state-of-the-art AI to create and power complex systems in games that respond to player actions.

Dear fellow game developers,

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Our new AI tools unlock creative possibilities that were once only imagined possible. Streamline your workflow, enhance player interactions, and craft compelling stories with easy-to-use technology that's at the forefront of gaming innovation.

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Our Team

We're lifelong gamers first — and professional AI researchers and engineers second.

We're building the games we always dreamed would be possible someday.

  • Andrew Noel


    Stanford MBA. Oklahoma State, Math & Physics. Formerly doing open source development on Starknet, and Python at a stealth AI startup. Loves math and chess.

  • Andrew Brown


    Missouri S&T, Computer Science. Formerly at Amazon, Indent Labs, The Department of Better Technology, and ArtistSignal. Loves storytelling and open-source projects.

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