We're building new kinds of games with AI

Generative AI provides the opportunity to create delightfully unexpected experiences for players.

Our living, breathing worlds react to even the smallest of player actions, making every playthrough a unique opportunity to play exactly how you want.

About Us

Andrew and Andrew have been friends since childhood — and passionate gamers for even longer! With the latest advancements in AI, we finally decided to team up to change the gaming landscape.

We're building the games we always dreamed would be possible someday.

  • Andrew Noel


    Stanford MBA. Oklahoma State, Math & Physics. Formerly doing open source development on Starknet, and Python at a stealth AI startup. Loves math and chess.

  • Andrew Brown


    Missouri S&T, Computer Science. Formerly at Amazon, Indent Labs, The Department of Better Technology, and ArtistSignal. Loves storytelling and open-source projects.


We’re proud to share that we’ve raised funding from 12 excited investors who share our vision for the future of gaming, including alumni from Blizzard, Google, and Stanford.

“It seems obvious that this is the future of gaming.”

Donovan Hernandez, Gamer

“I want to play every single game these Andrews release.”

Clayton Buback, Gamer

What we're building

The next generation of AI-enabled games

Generative game mechanics enabled by large language models will revolutionize the gaming industry and unlock new kinds of experiences for players that have never been possible in games.

Emergent Gameplay

Players discover unique, unscripted game moments that evolve with every play.

Dynamic Systems

Adaptive gameplay where every player choice shapes the fundamental world rules.

Evolving Worlds

Ever-changing game environments keep the thrill of adventure alive with fresh content.

Realistic NPCs

Lifelike characters have distinct personalities and reactions that make the world come alive.

Long-term Memory

A world that remembers everything, so your actions have lasting, meaningful consequences.

Personalized Content

Tailored quests, characters, and environments offer a customized experience for each player.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We're always happy to answer questions at press@chromagolem.com.

How are we using generative AI?

In addition to a robust asset pipeline for generating images, sprites, VFX, text, and sound during gameplay, we’re also building networks of strong AI agents that simulate human-like NPCs and interactions.

This combination allows us to create an infinite stream of new content for players to explore — and then supercharge that content with generative mechanics and emergent gameplay enabled by AI.

What are “generative” game mechanics?

Traditionally, game mechanics dictate what players can do in each game and are set in stone as soon as the game ships. With generative game mechanics, we’re capable of creating and fine-tuning game rules during gameplay; this allows the game to react to player decisions or actions to generate unique mechanics that enable new ways to play.

What is emergent gameplay?

In most games, players are tasked with completing some goal within a closed system. Enemies, NPCs, and other entities always react the same way. With emergent gameplay enabled by AI, anything can happen! The possibilities are endless, and we think players will love playing games within realistic worlds that realistically evolve and react to players.

What genre of games are we making?

We’re prototyping this technology in a wide array of genres right now to feel what’s fun and what isn’t, but we’re planning to release a strategy game set in an evolving world of hard player decisions in 2024.

Of course, we’ll have plenty of demos and beta tests for everyone to play before then while we get early feedback on game design.

Where can I play early access demos?

If you want to play early demos and help us beta test new kinds of games, you can join the Chroma Golem Discord server to follow our development and brainstorm with us!

When games are generated from player actions, the player unknowingly creates and plays exactly the game they want to play.

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