Make your games come alive

Generate text with our LLMs that have been masterfully
crafted specifically for video games.

Text generation made for games

Our models are optimized for common game-related tasks: dialogue, instructions, and data manipulation.

“Generative AI provides the opportunity to create delightfully unexpected experiences for players that feel like real magic.”

Andrew Brown, Chroma Golem Co-Founder

Add our API in seconds

We provide a full-featured Unity integration directly in your editor.

For those who want a little more control, you can also choose to use our API directly.

Magical text generation, grounded in reality

We're a game studio first, API provider second. We built these APIs to power our own games — but we're happy to share them with other developers, too!


99.9% uptime and failover models ensure text generation is always available.


Select priority or background models for a speed that matches your needs.


Access detailed usage stats per game and per client for informed decision-making.

Simple pricing

Transparent pricing based on token usage. No surprises, subscriptions, or hidden fees.


Your generations are private. We don't save or use them for any AI training.


Tailor the API to your specific needs. Adjust settings for unique text generation results.


Our text generation supports multiple languages automatically, expanding your game's reach.

Tonal flexibility

From gritty noir to epic fantasy, our API adapts to any story genre or style.

Choose your model. Simple pricing.

Start building for free, then pay for only what you use.

Cheap and fast GPT-3.5-Turbo

GPT-3.5-Turbo's price can't be beat. It's perfect for when you need to generate a ton of text on a budget.

$0.001 per 1,000 tokens


  • 16K-token context window
  • Fluent in English and most other languages

Only the best GPT-4-Turbo

Use the web's most powerful model to ensure you always get the highest-quality text for your game at 50% of the cost of standard GPT-4.

$0.03 per 1,000 tokens


  • 128K-token context window
  • Optimized for high-context generations that include game state
  • Fluent in English and most other languages

More models are coming soon.

Our infrastructure lets you pick and choose the model that best fits your game's needs.

You can seamlessly switch which model powers your game at any time.

When you switch models, your players will instantly start using the new model without any changes in your game client.

No rebuilds. No redeploys. No redownloads.

It just works.

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